Several New Revisions

Order Phentermine Diet Pills These revisions of lecture PowerPoints were posted on Sept 15, 2014; intended to  supplement the book, People in the Presence of God.

Buy Diazepam Without 01g (key word) “Identical” 01j (key words) “Discontinuity” vs “Continuity”

Buy Phentermine Memphis Tn 03 (key word) “Patriarchs” and “Parents”

Ambien For Cheap 09b (keyword) “Sinai”

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New PowerPoint on Understanding the Sabbath

Use search box. Write in word, “sabbath” or the full title, “01i Understanding the Sabbath”

Order Valium Canada What are its Old Testament meanings? Did Jesus correct some misperceptions?

How should we think of it today?

Buy Adipex Online With Paypal A PowerPoint supplement for the book, People in the Presence of God. 33 slides. Published Sept 15, 2014.

O1i Understanding the Sabbath

Adipex To Buy A look at the sabbath, it’s meanings in the Old Testament, corrections in understanding by Jesus, and its relevance for families today and contemporary worship.  Does it apply to Israel only?  Is it of universal scope in application for all of humanity?  Saturday?  Sunday? Is the sabbath mainly for devotion to God or is it intended for us too? 33 slides. Downloadable PowerPoint with full formatting. See square icon.

Supplement for the book, People in the Presence of God.

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