If you read but don’t improvise

This is the first chapter I assign to keyboardists serving in churches who read traditional notation but don’t know how to improvise. ┬áIt takes advantage of their reading skills. It teaches them how to refashion what is on the page by revoicing/respacing the sounds so that more dynamic contrast is achieved.

This file is 31 pages long and has 45 musical examples with a running commentary included of what is going on technically. It’s a serious attempt to help you start to make the transition from just reading traditional notation to doing basic improvisation. I think you will find it to be an effective first step.

02A Revoicing Revitalizing


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Barry Liesch, Ph.D, Professor of Music at Biola University (La Mirada, CA). Head of Music in Worship program. Keyboardist, Arranger, Author. Published author of People in the Presence of God (Zondervan) and The New Worship (Baker Books). Teaching responsibilities: Worship Foundations, Hymnology, Worship Seminar, Pop Theory I, II, Keyboard Improvisation. Albums/CDs: Contemporary Keyboards, Moments with You.

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