01B Creation, Worship, Cultural Mandate (new) PIP PP

God places Adam, created in the image of God, in the garden. The meaning of “to subdue” and “to keep” is discussed. The tree of life and river of life, useful expressions for worship, become eternal symbols. Bara, the hebrew word for create, occurs 86 times in scripture, and refers exclusively to activity by God, never humans.

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01D Old Testament Worship Principles PIP PP

Old Testament worship, characterized by holiness, transcendence, costly sacrifice, is explored. Ways to convey transcendence musically. Holy of holies, a graduated taboo.

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02 New Testament Worship Principles PIP PP

Lord’s Table, immanence, torn veil, priesthood of believers, believers as temple of God, reconciliation precedes worship.

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03 The Patriarchs: Parents Leading Families PIP PP

Revised Sept 15, 2014.  48 slides.

Noah, Abraham, Jacob: clean animals, circumcision, altars, obedience, tithe, vows, prostration. How to encourage the families to be centers of worship, and instruction in the everyday life, or life situations.

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04 05 06 Pauline Worship: Balance or Chaos? Normative or Unique? PIP PP

Maximum participation, body-life participation, tongues, intelligible communication, singing with the mind, spiritual=Spirit

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7A Ezra/Synagogue (supplement) PIP PP

This PowerPoint supplements chapters 7 and 8 of People in the Presence of God.

Ezra convenes scripture-reading event: reads 4 hours, praises 4 hours. Origin of synagogue unclear (perhaps Babylon). Synagogue worship: scroll ceremony, public-lectionary-scripture-reading, shema (creed-like), 18 benediction prayer, homily (short sermon).  Any qualified person could teach/preach.  Comparison of Synagogue to Protestant/Catholic service.  Creative ideas on public reading of  scripture. Hymn for paraphrasing the Apostle’s Creed.

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08A Jesus: In Synagogue, Worship Observations PIP PP

Jesus attends synagogue regularly, upholds it’s customs: prayer, shema, scroll reading, lectionary, stands to read, sits to teach; rebukes pharisees; reconciliation must precede any offering.

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08B Jesus: John 4, Last Supper PIP PP

Worship and the Samaritan woman at the well: worship in spirit and truth (translation issue of spirit vs Spirit); knowledgeable worship; worship not tied to a place; the father seeks worshipers.  Last supper: “this is my body”–what does that mean?

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