08 Is Worship a Performance? Part 1 TNW PP

The word “performance” in worship: the people distrust it, musicians value it, pastors deny it. Can/should it be redeemed? How? The biblical concept of performance: performing=serving=ministering. Look/see if a strong case is made.

09 Is Worship a Performance? Part 2 TNW PP

Worship a performance?  What are the implications? Kierkegaard’s idea. Some issues: performance & skill; wisdom & technique; human personality; size of church

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10 Jesus Our Worship Leader TNW PP

Jesus our worship leader, the ultimate leader: interceding, protecting, conducting, singing,  representing; offerer of worship, receiver of worship; leads heaven’s worship; our high priest, calls us his brothers, our basis of confidence. Qualities. See Heb 2:11,12 and compare with Ps 22.

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12 Resolving Tensions, Musical Style TNW PP

Exploration of Acts 2 (Wind, Tongues of Fire), 10 (Vision of Descended Sheet) & 15 (Jerusalem Council).  It’s implications/lessons for coping with cultural change & musical style.  Why did God choose wind & tongues of fire to convey the image of the Holy Spirit? Do Acts 2 &10 imply the gospel can be clothed in many music styles?

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13A Paul: Resolving Tensions, Musical Style TNW

Paul tackles thorny cultural issues (sacred days, wine, meat offered to idols, meat thought to be unclean) and offers advice.  He address both the weak & the strong, and helps them navigate the tricky waters intersecting faith, conscience, & culture.  All this provides help for resolving tensions relating to musical style & worship practice today. Lessons from Romans 14 and I Cor 8-10.

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13B Paul, Circumcison, 9 Issues TNW PP

Paul, culture, and 9 issues: circumcision, meat offered to idols, weak vs strong,  tongues & intelligible communication — it’s relevance to worship. Is music morally neutral?  Is music a language? The views of Hustad, Johannson. Romans 14, I Cor 8-10, 14.

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13C Epic Changes in Worship Culture TNW PP

What do you think are the good and bad affects of current changes in worship? Seeker centered services replace believer centered; guitars replace keyboards; expressive physical movement replaces restrained; screens replace hymnbooks; choruses replace hymns; young leaders replace old; improvising replaces reading music; esteemed emphasis on worship replaces moderate

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