CONTENTS (Theory Bk Vol I)

Introduction (unwritten) 1. Understanding Chord Symbols

Diazepam Kopen Rotterdam 2. Improving Notation Skills

Buy Diazepam Kwikmed 3. Nashville Number Charts

Order Phentermine K25 4A. Reading & Writing Praise Charts I 4B. 24 Tips for Writing Better Charts

Buy Xanax Medication Online 5. Reading & Writing Praise Charts II 6. Rhythm Section: Overview, Drums

Valium To Buy 7. Rhythm Section: Five Popular Worship Styles

Buy Valium With Mastercard Online 8. Drumming Guide for Ten Worship Styles

9. Guitar/Bass Guide for Ten Worship Styles

10. Three Professional Rhythm Charts 11. Checklists for Backing Vocals, Rhythm Section

12. Exam


Buy Xanax From China Generated by Dr. Barry Liesch at Biola University

Draft in Progress, April 2014

07 Five Popular Worship Styles TBk1 Demonstrations (notation & mp3) of Hillsong Vibe, Gospel Funk, Rock Anthem, Latin Funk, Six-Eight Time; drum & total tracks

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08 Drumming Guide for 10 Worship Styles TBk1 Drummer talks, explains his approach; notation; demonstration mp3 files of drumming alone and with total mix. Ballad, bossa nova, country, reggae, rock, shuffle

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06 Rhythm Section: Overview, Drums TBk1 Overview of rhythm section with attention to drum kit, percussion; KISS, communication, dynamics, tunings, slow tempos, pictures, notation

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12 Exam TBk1

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11 Checklist for Vocals Rhythm Section TBk1

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09 Guitar/Bass Guide for 10 Worship Styles TBk1

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05 Reading & Writing PraiseCharts II TBk1

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04B 25 Tips for Writing Better PraiseCharts TBk1

Our worship students at Biola University have made many, many, kinds of charting errors in writing their arrangements.  This chapter lists student errors and proper procedures to follow to order to achieve better communication and fewer performance errors.

Employ a roadmap, color-codings, eye bags, German repeats. Align your four measure phrases. Know how to handle fermatas & push beats, and more

Updated 6.2014.  9 pages, 25 examples.

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04A Reading & Writing PraiseCharts I TBk1

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