02 Music Notation Skills TBk1

Examples revealing the kinds of notational mistakes our students tend to make. Notation assignments including examples that deal with syncopation.

16 pages, 23 examples.

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03 Nashville Number Charts TBk1

Explains how Nashville Numbers work. Shows you how to quickly create a Nashville number chart. Indicates their many advantages, including how they teach chord function more intuitively than Roman Numeral analysis and make the performance of modulations a snap.  Practice exercises.

15 pages, 20 examples. Updated 6.2014

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01B Understanding Chord Symbols Theory Bk1

Chords and their various alternate symbols are written out and discussed beginning with 5ths, then 7ths, and up to 13ths. Slash chords included as well as some chord analysis for musical phrases. Three quizzes. 25 pages, 47 examples. Updated 7.2014.

To “download,” see sign on bottom, left side.

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