CONTENTS (Improv for Singers & Instrumentalists) Introduction Order Adipex Online Canada Part One: Rhythmic Freedom

1. Anticipating & Delaying Phrases

Buy Phentermine For Weight Loss Part Two: Melodic Ornamentation 2. A Starting Place—Notes of Approach

Buy Phentermine Online 2014 3. A Starting Place—Notes of Departure

Buy Xanax 3Mg Bars 4. Connecting Melody Notes

Buy Valium China Part Three: Melodic Re-Design

5. Replacing, Subtracting, Inverting Melody Notes 6. Tension Notes—The Appoggiatura

Buy Phentermine 37.5 White With Blue Specks 7. Projects

Part Four: Improvising Stylistically

Buy Diazepam Sleeping Tablets 8. Embellishing with the Pentatonic Scale 9. Blue & Hot: Basics of Blues & Gospel

Buy Adipex P Online Buy Valium In Australia Online Part Five: Extended Melodic Elaboration

Buy Phentermine Pills 10. Achieving Continuity through Sequences 11. Creating New Lines, Echoes

Buy Roche Diazepam Uk 12. Reshaping Phrases, Paragraphs, Whole Pieces

Buy Alprazolam China 13. Free Improvisation

Order Valium Canada Appendix 1: Chord Catalogue

Buy Soma Next Day Delivery Generated by Drs Barry Liesch and John Curtis Browning

Draft,  March 15, 2011

Appendix: Chord Catalogue S&I

Includes newer symbols: C2, Cadd2, and C2Q, and extensions

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13 Free Improvisation S&I

The process of improvising: (1) learn chords thoroughly (or choose a progression like the circle of fifths); invent a motive; stick to one style (don’t drift into others); gradually introduce more syncopation, ornamentation, rhythmic subtlety, and range.  Demonstration.

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12 Reshaping Phrases, Paragraphs, Whole Pieces S&I

Small motivic shapes; sequencial phrase shapes; reductive graph of broader shape. Compositional ideas for improvising.

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11 Creating New Lines, Echoes, Descants S&I

Choosing the right piece, embellishing the melody, creating independent lines;  inverting, echoing, free form, and antiphonal responses.

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10 Achieving Continuity: Melodic Sequences S&I

Harmonic sequences, melodic sequences, partial sequences; improvising on Pachelbel Cannon, What Child is This? Angels We Have Heard on High. Demonstrations & exercises.

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09 Blue & Hot: Blues & Gospel S&I

Blues scale, pentatonic scale, boggie, jazz waltz, scoops, spills, shuffle, chromaticism: demonstrations, exercises, mp3s

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08 Pentatonic Scale Embellishment S&I

Chapter on major & minor pentatonic scale; pentatonic fills have a gliding feeling; practice playing over or through chord changes.  Pentatonic scale is universal, appearing in almost all cultures–easy to sing.

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07 Improvisation Projects S&I

Complete an improvisation project. Seven model demonstrations: pieces notated, analyzed.

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06 Tension Notes—The Appoggiatura S&I

Appoggiatura: leaps above the target note & resolves by step; colorful, emotional, creates tension; rising & falling appoggiaturas; the preparation. Examples, assignments. The appoggiatura (leaning note) occurs frequently (especially) in sax improvisation, though it can be just as effective in any instrument, and vocally as well.

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