01 Teaching Through Hymns Hymnology PP

When Colossians 1:28 and 3:16 are compared, it is quite clear that (at the minimum) some of our songs sung in church should have an admonishing/teaching function, and that the role of the pastor and head musician, in Paul’s view, would likely be similar. ¬†Examine the evidence yourself, and see chapter 2 of The New Worship PowerPoints category (listed here) for more detailed argument.


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03 Luther, Calvin, The Geneva Psalter Hymnody PP

Short introduction. Luther & Calvin compared on music & the church.  Luther: encourages poets to write original hymn lyrics Рbig mouth, outspoken, influential. Calvin: only scripture is worthy to be sung in church services Рalso influential. The importance of the Geneva Psalmer, a gigantic publishing enterprise by Calvinists.

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