02 Greek, Catholic Hymns Protestants Sing Hymnology PP

A theological discussion in a Protestant Evangelical classroom of Catholic hymns & Gregorian Chant.  Why Evangelicals and Protestants in general tend to  embrace whole-heartedly many of them and reject others. Revised 2.13.2013.

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09 Global Worship Songs Hymnology PP

Four ways worship must relate to culture: transculturally, crossculturally, contextually, counterculturally.  Discussion of  hymns vs choruses.

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03 Designing & Leading Free Flowing Praise TNW PP

The liturgical, thematic, and free flowing praise types of services are compared.The rationale, leadership principles, and intentions of the 5 phase model of free flowing worship (praise & worship) are explained & discussed. Musical egs included.

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04B Discussion of Chapters 3 & 4 TNW PP

Journey into the Holy of Holies and Free-Flowing Praise compared. Controversial aspects. Charges levied: “The New Transubstantiation,”  “manipulation,” “sexual overtones.” Let’s discuss it. True?

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