02 Greek, Catholic Hymns Protestants Sing Hymnology PP

A theological discussion in a Protestant Evangelical classroom of Catholic hymns & Gregorian Chant.  Why Evangelicals and Protestants in general tend to  embrace whole-heartedly many of them and reject others. Revised 2.13.2013.

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03 Designing & Leading Free Flowing Praise TNW PP

The liturgical, thematic, and free flowing praise types of services are compared.The rationale, leadership principles, and intentions of the 5 phase model of free flowing worship (praise & worship) are explained & discussed. Musical egs included.

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11 Creating New Lines, Echoes, Descants S&I

Choosing the right piece, embellishing the melody, creating independent lines;  inverting, echoing, free form, and antiphonal responses.

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10 Achieving Continuity: Melodic Sequences S&I

Harmonic sequences, melodic sequences, partial sequences; improvising on Pachelbel Cannon, What Child is This? Angels We Have Heard on High. Demonstrations & exercises.

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22 KImprovBk2 – Modulation III

Now we will explore ways to extend modulations, create moods, use motives, sequences, and to fashion more artistic, sophisticated, worshipful segues.  At the end of the chapter, the iii – vi – ii – V – I chain of fifths will be employed.

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