13C Epic Changes in Worship Culture TNW PP

What do you think are the good and bad affects of current changes in worship? Seeker centered services replace believer centered; guitars replace keyboards; expressive physical movement replaces restrained; screens replace hymnbooks; choruses replace hymns; young leaders replace old; improvising replaces reading music; esteemed emphasis on worship replaces moderate

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05 Replacing, Subtracting, Inverting Melody Notes S&I

Replacing melody notes with neighbors, chord tones, repeated notes; contour revision; contour opposition: many egs

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03 A Starting Place—Notes of Departure S&I

Melodic ornamentation. Notes of departure are notes that lead away from melody notes, also called escape notes. Kinds of escape notes: stepwise, gapped, zigzag, curved, ascending, descending

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03 Three & Four Plus One Keyboard Improvisation Bk1

If students have little or no experience improvising but read music well, I often begin with this chapter.  We start with the hymnbook harmonies and revise the spacings/voicings on the page.  First we use three note chords in the right hand and one bass note in the left.  Then we play four note chords in the right hand and single bass notes or octaves in the left hand. This results in more idiomatic keyboard stylings as well as keyboard textures that are more light or heavy.

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