New! 01E Holiness in OT/NT Worship

The words holy/holiness appear frequently in our Christian worship choruses/songs. But seldom is their biblical meaning ever explained or developed. The need for holiness is merely stated repeatedly. No content.

This PowerPoint seeks to reveal the ways holiness is used/applied in scripture. Wholeness is one of the primary meanings of holiness.

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01D Old Testament Worship Principles PIP PP

Old Testament worship, characterized by holiness, transcendence, costly sacrifice, is explored. Ways to convey transcendence musically. Holy of holies, a graduated taboo.

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14 Music in the Temple and New Testament: Style, Instrumentation PIP PP

How were levitical musicians regarded? Was there a sacred style? Their living arrangements, responsibilities, and temple rotation schedules. The supervising heads of the three major, musical families resided in Jerusalem, while individual musicians and groups were scattered over Israel.

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16D Wailing Prophets: Corruption! (new) PIP PP

“To obey is better than sacrifice.”¬†Because of disobedience, Israel is deported to Babylon. This PowerPoint catalogues the warnings, denunciations of the prophets, particularly relating to worship, that led to God evacuating the temple.

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