08 Drumming Guide for 10 Worship Styles TBk1

Drummer talks, explains his approach; notation; demonstration mp3 files of drumming alone and with total mix. Ballad, bossa nova, country, reggae, rock, shuffle

[gview File=”http://www.worshipinfo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/08-Drumming-Guide-for-10-Styles-copy.pdf”]

2 thoughts on “08 Drumming Guide for 10 Worship Styles TBk1

  1. Dear Dr Barry Liesch,

    I have your book “The New Worship – Straight Talk on Music and the Church”. Excellent book.
    I could not locate your other books “The New Worship Theory Book” on Amazon. Please advise where to purchase your books?

    Thanks and blessings

    • Chan,
      go to worshipinfo.com and look for Theory Book in pull down menus.

      The book is only on the web, but is downloadable. I think the drumming chapter is about chapter 6 in the Vol I.

      Hope that helps.

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